3-in-1 USB-C / Lightning / Micro 3.5A 1.5m USB cable Vipfan X02 (red)


3-in-1 USB-C / Lightning / Micro 3.5A 1.5m USB cable Vipfan X02 (red)

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Vipfan X02 3-in-1 USB-C / Lightning / Micro 3.5A 1.5m USB cable (red)

With the Vipfan X02LMT cable you will replenish the power of many devices. The 3 different ends guarantee wide compatibility, and the reinforced construction with a special braid provides durable protection and resistance to bending. Through the offered cable you can charge up to 3 devices simultaneously.

Functionality above all

The cable offers 3 different ends with USB-A, USB-C and Lightning interfaces, making it compatible with many types of equipment and allowing you to charge 3 devices at once. The product is distinguished by its 1.5-meter length, which positively affects the convenience during use.

Thoughtful design

Another advantage of the Vipfan cable is its robust design. The X02LMT is equipped with conductors made of 100% copper, which translates into high performance. What’s more, the TPE finish makes the cable resistant to bending, and a special nylon braid further aids durability. Reinforced ends provide greater protection against damage, and special Velcro makes storage easy.

Manufacturer Vipfan
Model X02LMT
Color Red
Length 1.5 m
Current 3.5 A
Interface Micro USB + Lightning + USB-C
Material TPE + braided nylon

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