3in1 USB cable USB 2.0 to USB-C/Micro-B USB/Mini-B Vention CQIBF 1m (black)


3in1 USB cable USB 2.0 to USB-C/Micro-B USB/Mini-B Vention CQIBF 1m (black)

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USB 3-in-1 USB 2.0 to USB-C/Micro-B USB/Mini-B Vention CQIBF 1m cable (black)

Do you use multiple devices? Looking for a convenient cable that allows you to charge and transfer data quickly? Vention CQIBF will be perfect for you! With its help, your equipment will be ready in no time. What’s more, it allows data transfer at 480 Mbps, so you can already forget about the long transfer of your files from one device to another!


Great compatibility

The Vention CQIBF cable was created with comfort in mind, so it stands out for its high compatibility. Equipped with 3 different ends, it will be suitable for different types of devices. The Micro-B interface will be ideal for android phones. If you use laptops and tablets, choose the USB-C end. For camcorders, MP3 players and MP4 players, on the other hand, the Mini-B tip will be perfect. With Vention, nothing will limit you!


User comfort

Looking for a cable that will be the perfect companion for any trip? Vention CQIBF cable will be perfect for you! You don’t have to worry about tangled wires anymore, because the CQIBF, with its necessary ends, can be used to charge most digital devices! What’s more, these ends are connected to each other, so you will never lose them! The Vention cable is made of the highest quality materials, which makes it durable, prevents stretching and guarantees safe charging.


Fast charging and data transmission

The CQIBF cable provides a current rating of 2 A max, so it exhibits fast charging. This makes the Xiaomi 10 Pro recover its full battery in just about 100 minutes and be ready to use again! In addition, with the help of USB 2.0, you will also be able to quickly transfer your documents between different devices, as it guarantees a data transfer rate of 480 Mbps. What’s more, with its help you can easily view photos from your camera on your laptop without downloading them or transfer music from your MP3/4/5.


Producer Vention
Interface USB 2.0 to USB-C/Micro-B USB/Mini-B
Length 1 m
Data transmission 480 Mbps
Rated current 2 A max.
Color Black

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