Action kamera SJCAM SJ4000 Air


Action Camera SJCAM SJ4000 Air

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SJCAM SJ4000 Air Sports Camera

Create breathtaking footage with the SCJAM SJ4000 sports camera! The equipment creates high-quality videos in 4K resolution and offers 5 recording modes. It also allows you to take 16 MP photos in 3 different modes. It features a 135° viewing angle and offers exposure compensation and white balance, so you can easily avoid missed shots. The camera is waterproof, and together with the case you can submerge it to a depth of up to 30 meters.

Images in 4K

Mountain landscapes, dynamic sports, or urban walks? The SJCAM SJ4000 sports camera will record everything in 4K 30FPS. What does this mean? Your videos will be extremely smooth and give the impression of even more real images. In addition, the camera uses 2 microphones, so you can enjoy a wealth of audio details. Take the SJ4000 Air with you and save beautiful memories not only in your memory.

Check out the available features

The SJCAM SJ4000 Air is a versatile camera that is great for almost any circumstance. It offers 4 video modes that will allow you to use the device in different ways. Create videos in Normal mode or experiment with other features. Time-lapse enables time-lapse recording – this option will allow you to create fantastic effects and show your creativity. The SJ4000 will also successfully serve you as a webcam or car cam (Car mode). You don’t have to worry about memory card space. The enabled Loop recording mode records short videos and replaces the oldest ones with new ones.

Wide viewing angle

Downhill on a longboard? Or maybe catching a high wave? Now you can even better capture the conditions in which you create your footage. The camera’s viewing angle is as wide as 135°, so you can capture much larger frames. Now your exploits will make a more stunning impression! Take series or interval shots and get even more interesting results!

For special tasks

The SJCAM SJ4000 Air camera is equipped with a waterproof case that allows the equipment to be submerged in water up to 30 meters deep. So you can record your underwater adventures while scuba diving or immortalize high flights in the kite surf without any obstacles.

Additional parameters

The device offers several features with which it will be easier for you to avoid missed shots. You can use Auto mode or control the color by setting one of the 4 available white balance options to make your shots reproduce the real colors as well as possible. What’s more, the camera allows you to adjust the exposure compensation to some extent, so you can get photos with satisfactory exposure.

Easy and convenient use

Quick access to materials will be provided by the 2-inch display. The device can operate in the 2.4 GHz WiFi band and works with the SCJAM Zone app, so you can easily manage the camera’s settings from your smartphone. Transmitting footage to your computer will be made easier with the included cable.

Kit contents;

  • Waterproof case for the case × 1
  • Bike mount × 1
  • Recording cover × 1
  • Bottom base × 1
  • Case bracket × 1
  • Mounting socket × 1
  • Adapter × 4
  • Helmet base × 1
  • Mounting strap × 1
  • 3M stickers × 2
  • Data cable × 1
  • Instruction manual × 1
  • Wiping cloth × 1
  • Stickers × 2
Manufacturer SJCAM
Model SJ4000 Air
Recording resolution 4K 30FPS, 2K 30FPS, 1080P 60/30FPS, 720P 120/60/30FPS
Photo resolution 16MP, 12MP, 8MP, 5MP, 2MP
Video modes Normal, Loop recording, time-lapse, automotive
Shooting modes Single, in series, interval, self-timer
FOV 135°
Exposure compensation +-3.0 ~ +-0.3
White balance Auto/Daylight/Cloudy/Tungsten/
Fluorescent Video format
MP4 Video encoding
H.254/H.265 Photo format
JPG Built-in microphone
Yes x 1 External microphone
Type-C (sold separately) Built-in speaker
Yes x 1 External microphone
Micro Integrated speaker
Yes x 1 Screen type
2-inch touchscreen Application
2.4 GHz Remote control
Sold separately Available ports
Micro USB Battery type
Lithium-ion Battery capacity
900 mAh/ 3.33 Wh Voltage
3.7 V Dimensions
29.8 x 59.2 x 41 mm Waterproof
Weight 35 g
Water resistance Up to 30m with case

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