AOHI AOC-L010 USB-C to USB-C Cable 100W 1.2m with Display (Black)


AOHI AOC-L010 USB-C to USB-C Cable 100W 1.2m with Display (Black)

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AOHI AOC-L010, USB-C to USB-C, 100W (Nylon)

The AOHI AOC-L010 is compatible with devices with a USB-C port and allows you to renew their power. What’s more, the E-Marker chip ensures stable and fast charging, and the LED display will let you know the charging rate. In turn, the rugged design ensures resistance to wear and tear. The product also allows data transfer at 480 Mbps.


Instant charging

The cable has a USB-C connector, so it will renew the energy of devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. Combined with a PD-enabled charger, it allows you to charge your equipment in no time. In addition, the LED display will inform you of the charging process in real time, and a color indicator will notify you of the charging speed (yellow – fast charging, blue – standard charging, green – sustained charging).



The AOHI AOC-L010 will last you a long time. It has passed durability tests, making it resistant to bending and cracking. In turn, the robust connector can withstand repeated connection to devices. What’s more, the nylon and TPE finish protects the product from wear and tear.


Manufacturer AOHI
Model AOC-L010
Color black
Interface USB-C to USB-C
Compatibility Tablet, laptop, MacBook Pro / Galaxy S8 / S9 / S10 / S20 / S20 Ultra 5G / S21 / note 8 / note 9 / note 10 /Switch, Pixel 2 / 3XL, etc.
Transfer speed 480 Mbps
Intensity 5A
Power 100 W max.

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