Aviation Snip 250mm Deli Tools EDL20030 (black&yellow)


Aviation Snip 250mm Deli Tools EDL20030 (black&yellow)

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Aviation Snip Deli EDL20030

Deli aviation snip in black and yellow. With their help you can quickly and conveniently cut not only sheet metal, but also other materials such as wire mesh. Serrated sides and cutting edge made of 60 Cr-V steel with hardened and polished surface make the product easily cut through material without requiring you to put much energy into the work. Its sturdy construction is responsible for its strength, while the soft, two-color PVC handle provides comfort. The aviation snip is also equipped with a safety lock.

Cr-V steel

Cr-V (chrome vanadium) steel is the European equivalent of 8650 steel (the name used in the United States and Japan). Chrome protects the steel from corrosion and the negative effects of oxides. Additionally, it protects against abrasion and makes the steel resistant to high temperatures. Importantly, this steel does not lose its properties at elevated temperatures, thus preventing tool deformation.

Brand Deli
Model EDL20030
Weight 400g
Material 60 Cr-V steel
Color Black and yellow
Length 250mm
Usage For cutting 1.2 mm cold rolled steel and 0.7 mm stainless steel

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