Bagged usisavač Midea B7+ MBC1780BB


Bagged vacuum cleaner Midea B7+ MBC1780BB

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Midea B7+ MBC1780BB bagged vacuum cleaner

Looking for a bagged vacuum cleaner that won’t let you down? Opt for the Midea B7+! The device stands out with up to 800W of power and works surprisingly quietly – its volume level is only about 68dB. The product also offers a high-quality HEPA filter and is very convenient to use. The kit also includes several interchangeable brushes and 3 large dust bags with a capacity of 3l.

Efficient and quiet

A state-of-the-art motor is responsible for the efficient operation of the vacuum cleaner, which allows for a suction power of up to 200W. Thanks to this, B7+ can perfectly cope with dust, crumbs or hair. The product also uses a HEPA filter, which prevents secondary contamination and means that you can forget about unpleasant odors while vacuuming. What’s more, despite its impressive capabilities, the vacuum cleaner works very quietly.

Additional brushes included

Make cleaning hard-to-reach corners easier. Just use the interchangeable brushes included in the kit! The crevice brush will help you vacuum up chair recesses, the round brush is perfect for cleaning upholstery, for example, and you can quickly get rid of hair or dander with the small turbo brush. There is also a brush for parquet floors.

Premium floor brush

Make the floors in your home spotlessly clean. The B7+ vacuum cleaner stands out not only for its impressive power, but also for its specially designed floor brush, which is perfect especially for carpets. With its help you can easily get rid of crumbs, dust or entangled hair hidden in their fibers. Bet on proven solutions and enjoy a clean apartment!

Even more conveniences

The B7+ vacuum cleaner is very easy to use. The sturdy wheels make it easy to maneuver the device, while the 90-centimeter tube, flexible hose and up to 9-meter cable provide greater freedom of movement and allow you to reach hard-to-reach places with ease. Convenient storage of the included accessories is made possible by the device’s front cover. The vacuum cleaner also allows for automatic cable retraction.

In the box

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Crevice brush
  • Round brush
  • Parquet brush
  • Small turbo brush
  • Dust bag (3l) x3
Brand Midea
Model B7+
Motor power 800W
Suction power 200W
Sound level 68dB
Power control Mechanical
Cable length 9m
Brush 4A MB23
Hose length 1.8m
Tube length 90cm
Filter HEPA13
Weight 4.8kg
Dimensions 469 x 315 x 255mm

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