Baseus 0.15mm Paper-like film For iPad Pro 12.9″ Transparent


Baseus 0.15mm Paper-like film For iPad Pro 12.9″ Transparent

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Magnetic absorption – instant installation

Baseus foil is a great solution not only for graphic designers, but also for people who love to draw and are looking for new opportunities. Foil is designed for users of Apple iPad tablets. With a slightly rough surface, reminiscent of a sheet of paper, you can create amazing drawings and at the same time ensure the safety of your tablet’s screen. The film does not curl and adheres tightly to the screen.


The adhesion is not weakened by repeated removal. The film will be like new, even after 10 attempts of removal. Choose Baseus Paper-like!

Ultra transparency

Protect your eyes! Thanks to the anti-reflective coating, working in a very bright room is not a problem. Light does not reflect, which makes working on the tablet easy and pleasant.

The texture of a sheet of paper

Writing and drawing will become easier! The special surface provides a drawing experience just like on real paper. So you don’t have to worry about the stylus slipping on the surface, as it adheres perfectly to the tablet.

Flexible and scratch-resistant

The film is characterized by high strength and robustness. It will withstand the support of sharp objects, such as keys, for example. What is more, it is resistant to fingerprints, which makes it easy to keep clean.

Manufacturer Baseus
Model SGZM020402
Material PET
Thickness 0.15 mm
Compatybility iPad Pro 12.9″

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