Baseus A3lite filteri za usisivač automobila 2 kom (crni)


Baseus A3lite Car vacuum Cleaner filters 2 PCS (Black)

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Baseus A3 Lite car vacuum cleaner filter 2 pcs (black).

High-quality HEPA filter allows you to effectively remove even the finest dust particles. It can also easily handle hair, food crumbs or cat litter. You can easily disassemble it and clean it under running water. We recommend washing the filter after 5-6 uses to prolong its life and prevent the multiplication of bacteria. To ensure effective filtration, change the filter in your vacuum cleaner at least once every 3 months.

Manufacturer Baseus
Model VCAQ070101
Color Black
Filter type HEPA
Dimensions 41 x 41 x 37 mm
Weight approximately 13 g

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