Baseus Elbow USB to USB-C 100W 2m angled cable (black-red)


Baseus Elbow USB to USB-C 100W 2m angled cable (black-red)

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Baseus Elbow USB to USB-C 2m 100W angle cable

The Baseus Elbow USB to USB-C angled cable will be a great choice for gamers and more. It provides fast charging with up to 100W of power, and allows you to transfer files at speeds of up to 480Mbps. The connector mounted at a 90° angle won’t get in your way during gameplay, and the sturdy, durable construction makes the product serve you perfectly for a long time.

Ideal for gamers

Do you like to play games on your smartphone? Take care of your comfort! The Baseus Elbow cable will allow you to use your phone comfortably while charging. Its USB-C connector is mounted at a 90° angle, so it doesn’t stick out and allows you to play games or watch videos without any problems. Moreover, the original black and red color scheme gives the product an interesting gaming character.

Fast charging

No more long waiting for your devices to be ready to work again. Using the Baseus Elbow cable with a 20V / 5A charger (not included), you can enjoy 100W fast charging. This means you can charge your Huawei Nova 9 Pro smartphone to 100% in just about 20 minutes, and your Honor 50 Pro in about 27 minutes. The product also provides up to 6 A and is backward compatible with the 66W (11V / 6A) / 40W (10V / 4A) standard. It also supports 22.5W (4.5V / 5A) and 18W (9V / 2A) fast charging.

Improved design

The product is equipped with a 6-band cable, which is responsible for its stable operation. It also stands out for its high resistance to bending, tearing and other types of damage. It also has extremely durable connectors, whose housings are characterized by extremely low susceptibility to scratches. In addition, thanks to its length of 2m, you can comfortably use your phone while charging.

Safety of use

The Baseus Elbow cable allows not only fast, but also safe charging. It offers effective protection against overheating, so you can play your phone plugged in without worry. You also don’t have to worry about the condition of the battery. Once the selected device is restored to 80% power, the cable will automatically switch to back-up charging to minimize the risk of overcharging.

Instant file transfer

With the Baseus Elbow cable, you can also transfer the files you need between devices in no time. The product enables high-speed data transmission, with speeds as fast as 480 Mbps. This is a perfect solution if you copy a lot of photos or documents on a daily basis. With Baseus Elbow, you don’t have to wait indefinitely until all the necessary files are at their destination!

Brand Baseus
Name MVP 2 Elbow-shaped Fast Charging Data Cable USB to Type-C 100W
Model CAVP000520
Color Black and red
Material PC + tightly woven nylon
Length 2m
Power Up to 100W
Transmission speed Up to 480Mbps
Input USB
Output USB-C

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