Baseus Illusion Transparent Case, lens frames, tempered glass set for iPhone 14


Baseus Illusion Transparent Case, lens frames, tempered glass set for iPhone 14

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Protective Baseus Illusion transparent case, tempered glass and camera frame kit for iPhone 14 + cleaning kit

Take care of your phone and equip it with the protective Baseus Illusion set. The case is characterized by careful workmanship, high durability and chic design. To ensure the highest level of safety for your smartphone, the kit comes with tempered glass. Camera frames in 4 color variations will help you spice up the look of your device. The cleaning kit will make it easier to maintain the neat appearance of the products, which are resistant to marks of use or yellowing. Baseus Illusion case and tempered glass are compatible with iPhone 14.

High level of quality

The Baseus Illusion case is made of durable materials such as TPU and PC. The product’s transparency of 95%, as well as its inability to resist yellowing or marks of use, add to the aesthetic value. The high level of quality is proven by the certificate issued by RoHS. The thin design of the case allows you to carry your phone in your pocket, and the soft material allows you to comfortably remove and apply the product. The Baseus Illusion set is ideally suited for the iPhone 14.

Effective protection

The Air Armor protection system, as well as the 2.5 mm thickened bezels, keep the lens safe and effectively cushion drops. The case is made of several layers: a scratch-resistant TPU layer that softens falls by 10%, a silicone layer that cushions falls by 20% and a surface equipped with air cushions that softens falls by 69%. The clever design thus reduces the risk of damage to the phone by as much as 99%.

Aesthetic design

The design of the Baseus Illusion case is elegant, and detachable camera bezels allow you to add variety to your phone’s appearance. There are 4 color variations of the bezels included (blue, purple, black, transparent). You can easily change them and match them to your mood. For the sake of convenience, the case has cutouts for buttons and the charging port. The texture of the product is pleasant to the touch, and the oleophobic coating provides resistance to traces of use, making your phone look clean and neat. You don’t need to remove the case before wireless charging. All for your comfort!


  • Transparent case
  • Tempered glass
  • 4 camera frames
  • Cleaning kit
  • User manual
Manufacturer Baseus
Name Baseus Illusion Series Protective Case
Model ARHJ000002
Material TPU
Manufacturing technique Injection molding
Color Transparent
Size 6.1 inches
Compatibility iPhone 14

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