Baseus zaštitna torbica za M2 TWS slušalice (smeđa)


Baseus protective case for M2 TWS Earphones (brown)

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Baseus protective case for TWS M2 headphones

Take care of reliable protection for your TWS M2 headphones. The Baseus brand case designed for them will protect them from shocks and impacts, and is also resistant to dust or grease. It is also distinguished by its original, stylish design. At the same time, it is extremely pleasant to the touch and perfectly matches the charging case of the headphones, without affecting the comfort of its use.

Will protect your headphones

A pleasant-to-the-touch silicone was used to make the case, which is extremely durable and resistant to deformation. It will effectively protect your M2 from scratches and other types of damage. Its thickness is 2.6mm, so it will reliably protect your earphones from bumps or shocks. The case is also very easy to clean.

Made for Baseus M2

The case was created specifically for Baseus M2 headphones – it fits them perfectly. It is very lightweight, and putting it on will not cause you any problem. The product will also not affect the speed or convenience of opening the headphone charging case. In addition, thanks to the holes placed in the right places, you can charge the M2 without removing the accessory.

Brand Baseus
Name True Wireless Earphones Case
Model NGTW190108
Color Brown
Weight Approx. 46g
Thickness Approx. 2.6mm
Material Silicone
Dimensions 79x65x36.5mm
Compatibility TWS Baseus M2 headphones

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