Baseus Schott HD Tempered Glass with dust filter 0.3mm for iPhone 14 Pro


Baseus Schott HD Tempered Glass with dust filter 0.3mm for iPhone 14 Pro

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0.3mm Baseus Schott HD tempered glass with anti-dust coating for iPhone 14 Pro

Tempered glass is known for its reliable properties. Baseus Schott features high impact and scratch resistance, as well as high light transmission, so that you can fully enjoy the image quality of your phone. The hardness index of the Baseus glass is as high as 9H. It has passed a number of endurance tests and all of them unanimously confirm – this is the best protection against accidental drops of your phone every day. The Baseus Schott glass is designed specifically for the iPhone 14 Pro, so it perfectly adheres to every part of the screen, providing dust protection for the speaker as well.

Full comfort of use

The Baseus glass features a high light transmission rate of 92%. It is ultra-thin, yet extremely resistant, so it protects your phone without imposing its presence. Baseus Schott has advanced filters to protect your vision from harmful blue light rays, providing greater comfort while using your phone. What’s more, the special oleophobic coating will take care of the cleanliness of the screen, as well as flawless operation of your touchscreen.


Manufacturer Baseus
Model SGXT000402
Material Tempered glass
Thickness 0.3 mm

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