Baseus Tempered Glass Anti-blue light 0.3mm for iPhone 14 Pro (2pcs)


Baseus Tempered Glass Anti-blue light 0.3mm for iPhone 14 Pro (2pcs)

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Baseus tempered glass with blue light filter 0.3mm for iPhone 14 Pro (2pcs)

Baseus tempered glass is dedicated to iPhone 14 Pro and fully covers the screen, protecting it from damage. It provides high light transmission and is fingerprint resistant. Moreover, it has a blue light filtering layer. You will find 2 pieces of the product in the set, and its installation will not be a problem.

Effective protection

Baseus tempered glass covers the entire screen, does not stand out and does not cause air bubbles. It has passed a number of durability tests, so it effectively protects the display from scratches and cracks. It is also resistant to fingerprints, loads up to 20 kg and fits any phone case.

Convenience of use

The product does not affect the image quality and handling of your smartphone, so you can enjoy 8K 120 Hz image resolution and natural colors. It is equipped with a blue light filtering layer to protect your eyes. What’s more, it allows you to use the Face ID function.


  • tempered glass x2
  • mounting accessories
Manufacturer Baseus
Model SGBL080102
Thickness 0.3 mm
Fits iPhone 14 Pro

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