Batteries NiMH Duracell 2500mAh LR6/AA 4 pcs


Batteries NiMH Duracell 2500mAh LR6/AA 4 pcs

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Up to 100 charging cycles

Duracell Rechargeable AA 2500 mAh batteries are the longest-lasting Duracell rechargeable batteries that can be charged up to 100 times. The length of operation in a wireless mouse is approx. 85 hours. These rechargeable batteries are factory recharged and when not in use they retain their power for up to 5 years. This allows you to power your equipment right after unpacking the batteries without worrying about when you bought them.

Producent Duracell
Series Rechargeable
Capacity 2500 mAh
Type AA
Remains charged 12 months
Pre-charged Yes
Number per package 4 pcs

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