Cable Mcdodo CA-1932 Lightning to USB-C 36W 1.2m (blue)


Cable Mcdodo CA-1932 Lightning to USB-C 36W 1.2m (blue)

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Cable Mcdodo CA-1932 Lightning to USB-C 36W 1.2m (blue)

The CA-1931 cable features both USB-C and Lightning connectors and supports fast charging. Soft to the touch, covered with a silicone coating, this cable is durable due to its construction – the plug and cable are integrated, eliminating concerns about one being torn from the other. Another advantage of the cable is its built-in display that shows the device’s charging voltage.

Transmit and Charge Simultaneously

This discussed cable serves the dual purpose of charging and data transmission – you can conveniently transfer files while your device regains energy. In just 24 seconds, the cable can transfer 1GB of data.

Silicone Finish

Waterproof, pleasant to the touch, durable – the silicone finish that covers the Mcdodo CA-1931 cable ensures long-lasting utility. Both ends are integrated with the cable, eliminating concerns about either end being pulled off. Furthermore, the waterproof material protects the cable’s interior from moisture – although care should be taken with the ends. Additionally, the cable is easy to clean, allowing it to maintain a fresh appearance for an extended period.

Charging Power

The cable charges with a maximum power of 36W, with its normal power being 12W. For iPhone 8-13 series, the charging power is 20W, enabling the device to reach 30% charge in just 15 minutes. The cable automatically adjusts the charging voltage according to the device.

Designed for Your Convenience

Thanks to the stepped design of the plug, you can charge your device while it’s in its case. Additionally, for your convenience, a silicone strap has been included in the package, allowing you to keep your coiled cable in a handy shape. Say goodbye to tangled cables!

Manufacturer McDodo
Model CA-1931
Color Blue
Voltage 3A
Power max 36W
Material Aluminum Alloy, Silicone
Interface USB-C, Lightning
Length 1.2m

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