Cable USB-C do USB-C Remax Chaining RC-198, 1m, 65W (white)


Cable USB-C do USB-C Remax Chaining RC-198, 1m, 65W (white)

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Cable USB-C do USB-C Remax Chaining RC-198, 1m, 65W (white)

Remax Chaining is a device charging and file transfer cable that supports the PD standard and allows data transfer speeds of up to 480 Mbps. It is made of durable TPE material, making it very robust and resistant to damage. It is also distinguished by its power output of up to 65 W.


Fast and safe charging

One of the most important features of the cable is the smart chip used in it, which ensures stable, safe charging. So you can be sure that the devices you charge with it are in no danger of being damaged! What’s more, Remax Chaining offers up to 65 W of power and supports fast PD charging. This means that you can charge your phone, tablet or even your laptop in the blink of an eye using it!


Instant file transfer

The Remax Chaining cable also enables fast file transfers. With transmission speeds of up to 480 Mbps, users can easily copy large files between devices – such as videos, photos or documents. You no longer have to wait too long! Fast file transfer is not only convenient, but also saves time.


Brand Remax
Name Chaining
Model RC-198
Colour White
Type USB-C to USB-C
Power 65 W max.
Output current 3.25 A, 20 V – 3.25 A 65 W max.
Transmission speed Up to 480 Mbps
Material TPE
Length 1 m

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