Cable USB to USB-C Baseus Legend Series, 66W, 2m (black)


Cable USB to USB-C Baseus Legend Series, 66W, 2m (black)

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Baseus CATCS-C01 USB to USB-C cable

Do you play mobile games often? Do not want your smartphone battery to refuse to serve you at the crucial moment of the game? Durable Baseus cable will be a hit! Curved at an angle of 90° – provides unparalleled comfort of use. It will instantly charge your phone with up to 66W and transfer files at a speed of up to 480Mbps. It is also protected against overheating.

Designed with gamers in mind

Forget about protruding cables and ensure freedom of movement during gameplay. The USB-C connector has been positioned at a 90° angle, so it almost sticks to your phone and doesn’t block your hands. A blue flashing light indicates charging status, drawing the eye and giving the cable an interesting gaming feel.

It will charge your phone instantly

With Baseus your phone will be up and running again in no time. The cable supports 66W charging and is backwards compatible with 40W. What does this mean in practice? You can charge your Huawei Mate 40 Pro to 86% in about 30 minutes and Xiaomi Redmi K40 to 100% in about 40 minutes! The product is also compatible with Samsung and BlackShark smartphones, among others.

Fast loading – fast file transfer

Fast phone charging and file transfer at the same time? With Baseus it is possible! Cable enables data transmission with speed up to 480Mbps. Now in a blink of an eye you will copy all necessary documents, photos or movies – forget about endlessly prolonged waiting.

Overheating protection

What makes the Baseus cable so well suited for gamers? The product has been protected against overheating, so it can quickly charge your phone while maintaining a sufficiently low temperature – even if you play extremely demanding games. You no longer need to fear damage to your equipment. And you won’t be in danger of getting burned either.

Functional and durable

The cable is distinguished by its perfectly thought-out design. The reinforced 6-strand tinned copper cable prevents interference and provides faster, more stable charging. The zinc alloy housing is eye-catching with an elegant shine and is resistant to wear, scratching and oxidation. The nylon braid protects the cable from breaks, scratches and other damage.

Tailored to your needs

There are 2 cable length variants available for sale – 1m and 2m. Choose the right one for you! The product is perfect not only at home – you can also use it in the office, on vacation and even in the car. Storage and transport of the cable will be easy with the included Velcro fastener.

Brand Baseus
Name Legend Series Elbow Fast Charging Data Cable
Model CATCS-C01
Material Zinc alloy + nylon braid
Power 66W max
Transmission speed 480Mbps
Input USB
Output USB-C
Length 2m

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