Capacitive LED stylus for phone / tablet Baseus Smooth Writing (white)


Capacitive LED stylus for phone / tablet Baseus Smooth Writing (white)

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LED capacitive stylus for phone/tablet Baseus Smooth Writing (white).

The Baseus brand stylus will work well for both tablet and phone. A perfect product for students and creative workers who write their work on a tablet. The USB-C charging port allows you to conveniently renew energy. Thanks to palm rejection technology, you can freely rest your hand on the screen completely as you would on a piece of paper.

Convenient operation

The product features convenient and hassle-free operation. Three light indicators inform us about the level of battery charge, and the side button allows you to activate/deactivate the stylus. Thanks to its low weight, it does not weigh down the hand and allows many hours of comfortable work.


With Baseus Smooth Writing, tablet operation becomes smoother and more enjoyable than ever. The device works without any interruptions or delays. And the palm rejection technology allows you to rest your hand freely on the tablet while writing or drawing, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally exiting an application.

Control at your fingertips

Depending on which angle you use the stylus, the width of the lines changes. If you’re taking notes, write at 90° for smaller, precise characters, or 60° for medium line width. For that, using the stylus at a 45° angle will certainly work well for drawing. The high level of sensitivity ensures quick response and allows you to write and draw smoothly.

Thoughtful design

The magnetic design makes it easy to transport and prevents loss (you can attach the stylus to the device). And the ergonomic design translates into comfortable use and easy angle adjustment. The improved design significantly improves signal quality. In addition, when the tip wears out, you don’t need to buy a new stylus, just replace the tip!

Long working time

The battery can last up to 10h of continuous use. While the standby time of the device is about 12 months. You will replenish the necessary energy with a USB-C cable.

Manufacturer Baseus
Model SXBC000202
Material ABS + PC
Compatibility iPad 6, iPad mini 5, iPad Air 3, iPad Pro, iPad Pro 3, iPad 7, iPad Pro, iPad Pro 4, iPad 8, iPad Air 4,
Dimensions 165.2 x 9.1 mm
Weight 15,45 g
Battery capacity 130 mAh
Color White

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