Car Cooling lumbar Clu Baseus ComfortRide Series Car (Blue)


Car Cooling lumbar Clu Baseus ComfortRide Series Car (Blue)

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Baseus ComfortRide Series Car Lumbar Cushion (blue)

Increase your comfort while riding in the car and maintain a health-friendly posture with the Baseus Comfort Ride lumbar cushion. The product with its ergonomic butterfly-shaped design will provide effective support for your back. The cushion is made of foam, which is soft and not susceptible to marks of use – it will surely serve you for a long time!


For the sake of health

Staying in a sitting position for a long time can cause discomfort. It is important to pay attention to maintaining the correct posture. The Baseus Comfort Ride butterfly-shaped lumbar cushion will make this task easier for you! Using the cushion will allow you to travel comfortably by car without experiencing pain. The product will also work great in the office and at home.


Attention to detail

The Baseus brand lumbar cushion is made of high-quality materials, making it very durable and not susceptible to marks of use. As a result, it will retain its flexibility and impeccable appearance for a long time. The use of polymer cooling gel and breathable textile material achieved the effect of absorbing and dissipating excess heat, providing improved ventilation. The zipper makes it easy to clean and possibly change the pillowcase.


Manufacturer Baseus
Name Baseus ComfortRide Series Car Cooling Lumbar Pillow
Model C20036402311-01
Dimensions 395 x 263 x 115 mm
Weight Approximately 780 g
Color blue

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