Car Mount Remax. RM-C02 (black)


Car Mount Remax. RM-C02 (black)

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Remax Car Holder. RM-C02 (black)

This indispensable accessory for every driver is distinguished by its simple design and is child’s play. You mount the holder on the air vents with a clip, and you can fix your phone in it with one hand. You can adjust its position within 360°. The holder provides the required stability for your phone in all conditions!


Secure grip

The product is distinguished by its sturdy design, and durable materials such as ABS and PC were used in its construction. The handle’s arms are constructed in the shape of a golden triangle, which is why they hold the phone so securely in one place. Regardless of the road conditions, your device will stay in place. What’s more, the smooth operation of the holder allows you to easily place your phone in it, using only one hand!


Customize your phone’s position

The Remax RM-C02 allows you to rotate the mount 360° at will, which means you can position your smartphone vertically or horizontally. Are you using navigation? Or are you playing music from your phone? Adjust its position to suit your needs!


Manufacturer Remax
Model RM-C02
Material ABS + PC
Color black
Weight 45 g

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