Carbon Monoxide Detector X-Sense CO003D


Carbon Monoxide Detector X-Sense CO003D

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X-Sense CO003D carbon monoxide chad detector

Ensure the safety of both yourself and your loved ones. The CO003D X-Sense sensor accurately measures the concentration of carbon monoxide CO (Chad) in the air. When it detects any abnormalities an audible signal will be triggered. The device is powered by replaceable batteries, which are included in the kit. The easy-to-read LCD display will provide you with convenient access to relevant information. Operation of the sensor is simple thanks to a practical button.


For the sake of safety

Make sure you take care of not only your safety, but also the safety of other household members. The X-Sense device is equipped with an advanced electrochemical system, thanks to which it quickly and accurately detects CO threats. When the level of carbon monoxide reaches an alarming level, an audible signal with a volume of 85 dB will be triggered, and the corresponding LED indicator will start flashing.


Practical solutions

The CO003D is equipped with a button that provides convenient operation of the device. With its help you can test and silence the alarm. What’s more, the sensor also has an easy-to-read LCD screen, thanks to which you can easily check, among other things, the level of CO concentration in the air or the battery status, as well as learn about any failures.



Mounting the X-Sense carbon monoxide detector will not cause you any trouble. The kit comes with accessories that will make the installation smooth. The device is powered by replaceable batteries and has a lifespan of up to 10 years. What’s more, it is made of high-quality, durable materials, such as ABS.



Producer X-Sense
Model CO003D
Sensor lifetime 10 years
Battery life 5 years
Power supply 4.5V DC (3x 1.5V type AA)
Sensor type Electrochemical
Safety standard UL 217, EN 50291-1:2018
Certifications TUV and CE
Standby current < 20 uA (avg.)
Alarm current < 50mA (avg.)
Operating temperature 4.4 to 37.8°C
Permissible humidity 10-85%
Alarm volume level ≥85 dB at a distance of 3 m
Silence duration ≤9 minutes
Operating frequency 915 MHz (UL), 868 MHz (TUV)
Maximum number of connected units 24 wireless units (compatible with X-Sense wireless alarms only)
Indicator light Red LED
Application Indoor use only
Weight 0.133kg
Dimensions 110 x 110 x 37 mm
Material ABS
Colour White

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