Cordless Spray Gun Deko Tools DKSG20Q1Y-S1 20V


Cordless Spray Gun Deko Tools DKSG20Q1Y-S1 20V

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Deko Tools cordless paint gun DKSG20Q1Y-S1

The Deko Tools paint gun will make it easier for you to paint all kinds of surfaces. You no longer have to worry about streaks or clearances. The device evenly covers the walls, and the cordless design is responsible for the comfort of use. With its help you will also paint furniture, fences, doors, window frames or even a car.

Manufacturer Deko Tools
Model DKSG20Q1Y-S1
Rated voltage 20 V
Battery capacity 1500 mAh
Idling speed 30000 rpm
Nozzle diameter 1.8 mm
Feed type Pressure
Tank capacity 800 ml

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