Deko Tools Miter saw DKMS1450-210F


Deko Tools Miter saw DKMS1450-210F

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Deko Tools DKMS1450-210F Mitre Saw

Looking for a saw for multiple applications? The Deko Tools DKMS1450-210F will work well in the workshop and on the construction site. It features 1450 watts of power and a speed of 5,000 rpm, making it ideal for handling both wood and aluminum. The device features a swivel base that allows both sides to cut at a 45° angle, while the cutting head has a knob that adjusts the left-hand tilt from 0-45°. For greater comfort, the handle has been covered with rubber, so you can be sure of a stable grip while working. What’s more, the use of a vise and side supports will make cutting longer objects easier, while the blade guard will ensure that you can use the equipment safely.



  • 210mm circular saw x 1
  • dust collection bag x 1
  • clamp x 1
  • carrying handle x 1
  • side outriggers x 2
  • support baffle x 1
  • bevel lock knob x 1
  • screws x 2
  • gasket x 1
  • two-sided screwdriver/hex key x 1
  • pair of carbon brushes


Manufacturer Deko Tools
Model DKMS1450-210F
Voltage/frequency 220-240V~50Hz/60Hz
Rated input 1450W
No-load speed 5000rpm
Blade diameter 210mmX25.4mmX24T
Diagonal table angle 45°/0°/+45°
Diagonal angle 0-45° to the left
Maximum cutting angle 0°/0°: 60 x 120mm (2-11/32″ x 4-23/32″) ; 45°/0°: 60 x 85mm (2-11/32″ x 3-11/32″) ; 0°/45°(left): 34 x 120mm (1-11/32″ x 4-23/32″) ; 45°/45°(left): 34 x 85mm (1-11/32″ x 3-11/32″)
Protection class II

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