Docking Station Orico 1-Bay HDD/SSD 3.5” USB-C 3.1


Docking Station Orico 1-Bay HDD/SSD 3.5” USB-C 3.1

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Orico HDD/SSD 3.5″ docking station

Do you need more space to store your files? Tired of endless data transferring? The 3.5″ HDD/SSD docking station will help you solve similar problems! It can transfer files at speeds up to 5Gbps and supports capacities up to 12TB. It’s also easy to use and extremely durable. The transparent casing gives the station a unique and modern character.

Transfer all the files you need in no time

An advanced VL716 chip is responsible for the amazingly efficient operation of the station. It is thanks to it that you can enjoy, among other things, rapid data transfer. The device is equipped with USB 3.1 interface and supports UASP protocol. All this means that it can provide a transmission speed of up to 5Gbps. With Orico you can transfer 1GB of files in just 3 seconds!

Multiple applications

The Orico docking station will work well for many different applications. It supports hard drives up to 12TB, so you can gain a lot of storage space. Back up your most important files or connect it to your TV for convenient HD movie watching. The amazing performance of the drive also means you can play your favorite games with ease!

Smart solutions

In creating this practical docking station, smart solutions have been incorporated to make your work much easier. After 30 minutes of inactivity, the device automatically goes to sleep. This reduces power consumption and hard drive usage, thus extending its lifespan.

Designed for your convenience

Enjoy an even better user experience. Made of durable PC material, the transparent, rounded casing of the device surprises with its modern design and is extremely resistant to damage. Non-slip pads allow you to place it stably on your desk. The LED indicator provides the most important information about its status. The blue light indicates the power on, the red one for reading files and much more.

Brand Orico
Model 6139C3-EU-CR-BP
Material PC
Compatibility 3.5″ HDD/SSD
Output Interface USB 3.1 Type C
Dimensions 78x60x145mm
Power supply 12V 2A
Systems supported Windows, Mac OS, Linux
Supported Capacity Up to 12TB

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