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Earphones TWS Baseus Bowie M2s (white)

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TWS Baseus Bowie M2s headphones (white)

Are you looking for reliable headphones that can accompany you equally on long trips and during workouts? The Baseus Bowie M2s headphones will be perfect for you! They will provide you with excellent sound, and what’s more, thanks to noise cancellation you will be able to lose yourself even more in your beloved songs! In addition, they are equipped with microphones, so you can also freely make phone calls. With Baseus you will experience a new version of music!


Excellent sound

Baseus Bowie M2s headphones, thanks to the use of dynamic drivers with titanium diaphragms, guarantee better frequency response and lower distortion, resulting in more vivid and colorful sound quality. This makes them equally suitable for listening to music watching programs or playing games. You can use Baseus headphones the way you like them best!


Noise reduction

For an even better sound effect, the Bowie M2s headphones are equipped with the latest active noise cancellation technology, allowing them to reach up to -48 dB. What’s more, for your comfort, you can choose between 3 modes – Travel (blocks subway and airplane engine noises), Indoors (minimizes the sound of conversations in a coffee shop, for example) and Outdoors (eliminates wind noise, for example, when playing sports). This makes it easy to customize the headphones to your needs.


Made for talking

The Baseus Bowie M2s are not only great for listening to music, as they will also work perfectly for phone calls. They are equipped with a dual microphone, which together with AL noise cancellation allows you to make crystal clear calls. This ensures that from now on your caller will always hear your every word, even if you are in a crowded place.


Wireless connection

Tired of tangled cables? With Baseus this problem will disappear! Bowie M2s headphones use the latest Bluetooth 5.3 technology, which provides a stable and fast wireless connection. You no longer have to worry about loss of sound quality or delays. With Baseus, nothing will limit you!


Long working time

Baseus headphones are equipped with a large battery, which provides up to 7 hours of working time on a single charge. What’s more, with the case you can extend this time to 30 hours. This makes you worry-free to take them with you even on a long trip and lose yourself in your beloved music.


Easy control

The Bowie M2s headphones were created with comfort in mind, so they are very easy to use. You no longer need to pull out your phone to perform basic commands, as this device is equipped with touch-sensitive control panels. Thanks to them you will be able to, among other things, turn on the voice assistant, switch between modes, change, turn off or stop songs. See for yourself how easy it is!


Dedicated app

Want to gain even more capabilities? Download the dedicated Baseus App and enjoy additional options! With its help you will be able to find your headphones even from a distance, change modes, render special effects or check the actual charging status of your device. Enjoy even more control, thanks to the app!



  • Baseus headphones
  • charging case
  • 4 x earcups
  • USB-C cable
Producer Baseus
Model NGTW350102
Color White
Material ABS + PC
Weight approx. 49.1
Bluetooth 5.3
Operating distance approx. 10 m
Operating time 7 h (without case), 30 h (with charging case)
Charging port Type-C
Charging time 1 h
Rechargeable battery 35 mAh/0.135 Wh (headphones); 400 mAh/1.48 Wh (charging case)
Dimensions 29.8 × 21 mm (headphones); 48.9 × 62.1 × 27.3 mm (charging case)

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