Filter ND Set (ND 8 16 32 64) PGYTECH for DJI AVATA


Filter ND Set (ND 8 16 32 64) PGYTECH for DJI AVATA

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PGYTECH set of 4 ND filters (8/16/32/64) for DJI Avata

PGYTECH’s ND (8/16/32/64) filters are dedicated to the DJI Avata. They prevent overexposure and provide great color saturation. They are made of aircraft-grade aluminum and tempered glass, resulting in light weight and durability. They take just a moment to install, and special protective coatings protect against damage and repel liquids.

High image quality

ND filters (8/16/32/64) are perfect for capturing water mist or nighttime light trails, for example. They prevent overexposure and are responsible for stunning color saturation. They will also do a great job during video recording. They allow you to shorten the shutter speed, so you can get smooth, cinematic shots.

Robust construction

PGYTECH filters are coated with a multi-layer coating that repels water and grease, making them easy to keep clean. What’s more, they are scratch-resistant, so they will last you a long time.

Designed for DJI Avata

Each filter weighs just 1.35 grams, and their frame is made of CNC aircraft-grade aluminum, which as a result will not affect your drone’s flight. What’s more, they’re corrosion-resistant and a perfect fit for the DJI Avata.

Manufacturer PGYTECH
Model P-36B-012
Type ND 8/16/32/64
Material aluminum, optical glass
Weight 1.35 g x4
Dimensions φ22 x 3.6 mm
Compatibility DJI Avata
Filter effect Reduction of shutter speed, film – motion blur effect, photography – longer exposure time
Effect on colors prevention of overexposure, increased saturation/contrast, increased transparency
Number of filters included 4 (ND8 + ND16 + ND32 + ND64)

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