Filter UV Freewell for DJI Mini 3 Pro / Mini 3


Filter UV Freewell for DJI Mini 3 Pro / Mini 3

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Freewell UV filter for DJI Mini 3 Pro / Mini 3

Designed specifically for DJI Mini 3 Pro / Mini 3 models, this filter is a high-quality optical glass with special coatings to protect the lens from scratches, dust and dirt. The UV filter blocks ultraviolet light, so you will avoid haze in your photos and get sharp, clear images. You’ll also find a case included for easy storage of the filter.


Even better photo quality

The filter is designed to absorb most of the UV rays reaching the lens, while ensuring color neutrality. The lightweight filter is coated with a special coating that ensures optimal image quality while protecting your lens from debris and scratches. Now your photos will be even better, and you’ll have peace of mind about your lens.


GimbalSafe technology

Freewell is committed to high quality workmanship and subjects its products to rigorous testing, so you can rest assured that your drone will be safe. The filter has an ultra-lightweight frame that won’t weigh down your device or affect its balance. Every flight will be even safer with the Freewell UV filter.


Protective coating

For the best results when shooting outdoors, the filter has gained a special coating, making it dustproof and scratch-resistant. Photos of speedway racers? Why not! Your lens won’t suffer from it! What’s more, the oleophobic coating prevents greasy stains and fingerprints, so keeping the filter clean will not be a problem.



  • Filter
  • case
Manufacturer Freewell
Model FW-MN3-UV
Compatibility DJI Mini 3 Pro / Mini 3
Filter type UV
Optical coatings Dustproof, scratch resistant, oil resistant

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