FIlter UV PGYTECH for DJI Action 2 (P-28A-010)


FIlter UV PGYTECH for DJI Action 2 (P-28A-010)

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PGYTECH UV Filter for DJI Action 2 (P-28A-010)

These filters will greatly facilitate the use of your equipment. It will help you take clear and colorful photos. Filters such as: UV filter, ND-PL filter (ND8 / 16/32/64) are available. Optical glass will additionally take care of the high resolution of images. Reduction of kickback and quick donning through magnesium are also ensured. The filter is light but durable at the same time. Its water and scratch resistance make it easy to keep clean.

UV Filter

The filter prevents UV light from entering the camera. Due to the fact that it blocks blue light, your photos will no longer have a bluish or whitish image when you take photos in open spaces. You can take pictures by the sea and in the fields without worrying about it. Taking a photo in the mountains or high altitude increases the shooting field and allows you to get a clear photo. Camera protection is also ensured.

Light, strong, resistant and pinhole

The filter is durable, but also light at the same time. It owes its lightness to a frame made of high-quality aluminum. Two holes are designed for clear filming and better sound recording. The filter owes its resistance to a multi-layer coating that repels water and oil. This makes it extremely easy to keep it clean. The filter coating is also hard for scratch resistance.

Optical glass will ensure high resolution of images

The filter uses professional glass as the base material. It has been sanded and polished many times to obtain a low refractive index. The result is faithful color reproduction.

Glare Reduction

The glare-reducing coating in the filter does not alter color accuracy and balance. Thus you can be sure that what you see will be accurately reflected in the picture.

Magnesium quick align

The design with magnesium enables quick assembly and disassembly of the filter. Thanks to this you will be able to focus on what you like.

Model P-28A-010
Material aluminium, optical glass
Weight 3.3g
Dimensions 34.5mm*34.1mm*3.6mm
Compatibility DJI Action 2

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