Filter VND 6-9 stop PGYTECH for DJI Air 2S (P-16B-065)


Filter VND 6-9 stop PGYTECH for DJI Air 2S (P-16B-065)

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VND 6-9 stop filter for DJI Air 2S PGYTECH P-16B-065

Create even more stunning images with your DJI Air 2S. PGYTECH’s 6-9 stop VND filter is perfect for working in very bright lighting, balancing the light and ensuring proper exposure. The accessory is made from high-quality, German-made SCHOTT glass, and the 2-sided protective coating protects it from stains and damage. The product is also easy to install, incredibly lightweight and fits perfectly on the DJI Air 2S. Using it, you can adjust the amount of light reaching your drone’s camera in no time.

4in1 – works well in different lighting conditions

The 6-9 stop VND filter will allow you to get even better results. Thanks to it you will forget about the problem of overexposed areas in your images. It is ideal for taking pictures with a long exposure time, for example, and also allows you to increase motion blur. The accessory is perfect for outdoor use. You no longer have to waste time changing the filter when light conditions change. Simply twist the P-16B-065 to adjust the amount of light entering the lens. You can conveniently choose from ND64, ND128, ND256 and ND512 equivalents, giving you the freedom you dream of. When you buy this practical accessory, you actually gain 4 ND filters in 1!

Highest quality workmanship

The product was designed with even the most demanding users in mind. Made of repeatedly ground and polished SCHOTT glass – it provides stunning photo and video quality. What’s more, the 2-sided, multi-layer coating repels water and oil, making keeping the accessory clean a breeze. The filter is also scratch resistant.

Made for DJI Air 2S

The filter frame is made from corrosion-resistant, aircraft-grade CNC aluminum, making the accessory incredibly durable yet lightweight at only 3g. It will not be an excessive burden on your drone, nor will it affect its performance and balance. The product is perfectly matched to the DJI Air 2S. It will allow you to not only get excellent quality images, but also enjoy a smooth, exciting flight.

Name DJI Air 2S VND Filter
Model P-16B-065
Material Aluminum, optical glass
Net weight 3g
Dimensions 29×24.9×5.6mm
Suitable for DJI Air 2S
Available equivalents ND64, ND128, ND256, ND512

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