Foneng X78 3in1 USB to USB-C / Lightning / Micro USB Cable, 66W, 1.2m (Green)


Foneng X78 3in1 USB to USB-C / Lightning / Micro USB Cable, 66W, 1.2m (Green)

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Foneng X78 3-in-1 USB cable (green)

Do you have devices with different ports? You no longer need to always carry several cables to charge them! Foneng X78 cable is equipped with 3 connectors – USB-C, micro USB and lightning. This makes it a perfect fit for most popular devices! It also allows fast charging with up to 66W of power (on the USB-C connector) and is very durable. Its length is 1.2m.


Charge 3 devices simultaneously

Forget about having to use several different cables – now all you need is the Foneng 3-in-1 cable! The product offers up to 3 connectors – USB-C, lightning and micro USB. This means that with its help you can, for example, charge your iPhone, Android smartphone and wireless headphones.


Fast charging

Do you have to leave the house soon and your phone is close to draining? Don’t worry about anything – with the cable you can charge it in a very short time! The USB-C connector of the X78 model supports up to 66W of power, so you don’t have to wait too long until your smartphone is ready for action again. What’s more, the micro USB and lightning connectors offer up to 3.1 A.


High-quality workmanship

Get yourself a cable that will serve you well for a long time. The X78 is extremely durable – the nylon braid protects it from various types of damage. In addition, aluminum housings further protect the connectors, and the copper cable ensures stable, reliable and safe charging.


Brand Foneng
Model X78
Color Green
Type USB-A to USB-C / Lightning / micro USB
Power (USB-C) 66 W max.
Current (Lightning, micro USB) 3.1 A max.
Material Aluminum, nylon braid
Length 1.2 m

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