Garden Saw 400mm Deli Tools EDL6840A


Garden Saw 400mm Deli Tools EDL6840A

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Wooden planer saw

If you are planning a renovation in your home, often do DIY or garden work, you know very well that a good quality saw is one of the basic tools in the equipment of any workshop. The product is made of durable materials such as 65Mn steel, making it wear-resistant and durable. Its high-frequency hardened blade with a thickness of up to 0.9 mm ensures smooth, fast cutting and does not easily dull. You’ll also find a protective cap that makes the tool easy to store and reduces the risk of injury.


Three-sided grinding teeth allow you to achieve excellent results in a short time and effortlessly. Made of non-slip TPR plastic, the handle with finger space guarantees excellent feel and control, and its ergonomic shape will allow you to work for long periods of time. It also won’t cause prints or hand fatigue. The Deli brand garden saw in yellow provides a 45° and 90° guiding angle, and thanks to its length of 400 mm, it will work in many situations – it will easily cut branches, boards, PVC pipes or bamboo, among other things.

Brand Deli
Model EDL6840A
Color Yellow
Weight 310g
Length 400mm (16″)
Material 65Mn steel
Guiding angle 45° i 90°

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