Hair Curler Lisiproof LS-D003P


Hair Curler Lisiproof LS-D003P

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Lisiproof Hair Curler LS-D003P

With the help of Lisiproof LS-D003P curling iron, you will create the hairstyles you’ve always dreamed of! The device offers up to 6 temperature settings – 110°C / 130°C / 150°C / 170°C / 190°C / 210°C, so you can easily adjust its operation to your hair. It uses the PTC heating system, which will allow you to conjure up stunning curls in just a few moments. It’s extremely easy to use, and its carefully considered design will make it easy for you to store and transport.


With different hair in mind

Thanks to its 6-stage temperature control, the curling iron will allow you to adjust its performance for almost any hair type, whether it’s colored, dry or natural. Freely set the temperature from 110°C to even 210°C and create the curls of your dreams. Let your hair always look amazing!


A unique combination of style and functionality

Going on vacation? Take the Lisiproof curling iron with you and impress with beautiful hairstyles wherever you are! The compact design of the device makes it easy to fit into backpacks and suitcases, and the swivel cable will increase your freedom. The unique color scheme combined with a stylish, modern finish is sure to attract the attention of many users. What’s more, the curling iron will automatically turn off after 60 minutes, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting about it!


Manufacturer Lisiproof
Mode LS-D003P
Color Pink
Rated voltage 100~240V
Rated frequency 50~60 Hz
Power 55 W
Operating temperature 110°C / 130°C / 150°C / 170°C / 190°C / 210°C
Automatic shutdown 60 minutes
Power cord length 2.4 m
Dimensions 275 x 4 mm
Weight 510 g

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