Hair dryer with ionisation ZHIBAI HL321 (black)


Hair dryer with ionisation ZHIBAI HL321 (black)

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ZHIBAI brand is part of the Xiaomi ecosystem


ZHIBAI HL321 ionization hair dryer (black)

From now on you’ll dry your hair in no time without risking damage! The dryer provides constant temperature and protection against overheating. ZHIBAI HL321 works with 1800 watts of power and is surprisingly quiet (60 db). It will be perfect for any type of hair. It lets you choose from 2 temperature settings and 2 air speeds. It even generates negative ions to let you say goodbye to the problem of static and frizzy hair. The set includes two interchangeable nozzles.


Say goodbye to frizzy hair

Say goodbye to electrifying and frizzy hair! With ZHIBAI HL321 hair dryer you will get rid of this problem once and for all! The device uses intelligent ionization technology, produces negative ions that make your hair fluffy and soft. Besides, it reduces split ends and reduces static electricity, protecting your hair from frizz. Create your dream hairstyle with the ZHIBAI ionizing hair dryer!


High working power

You don’t have to waste any more time on long and tiring hair drying! ZHIBAI HL321 works with 1800 watts of power, which makes you dry your hair in just a few minutes. And that’s not all! The device works extremely quietly – its volume level does not exceed 60 db, so the noise will not wake up even smaller household members.


Safety and convenience of use

Intelligent technologies used in HL321 make the dryer maintain a constant temperature. So you don’t have to worry about unwanted burns. The device will work well in your home, on the go, as well as in a beauty salon. It is completely safe for children and pregnant women. It offers two airflow options – a warm airflow, for instant drying of your hair, and a cool airflow, useful for styling. You can also choose the power of the blowing – the equipment offers a strong and weaker flow.


Take with you on the go

Don’t give up on fast and safe drying and styling of your hair when you’re away. The HL321 is handy and small enough to successfully fit in your suitcase or travel bag. In addition, the set includes two interchangeable tips – a concentrator and a diffuser. The flat tip is perfect for straight hair to make it even smoother, and the diffuser for curly and frizzy hair to bring out the natural curl.



  • Dryer
  • Concentrator
  • Diffuser
  • User manual



Brand name ZHIBAI
Model HL321
Name Dryer with ionization
Voltage 230 V
Air speeds 2
Temperature 2
Quantity of released ions ≥2 mln / cm³
Frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Power 1800 W
Speed 20000 rpm
Dimensions 123 x 210 x 75.5 mm
Color Black



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