Household Tool Set Box JIMI Home X1-A


Household Tool Set Box JIMI Home X1-A

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JIMI Home X1-A Tool Set, Box

Enclosed in a handy box, the JIMI Home tools have been selected to meet the need for the most basic home repairs and work. Inside you’ll find: a 3.5 m tape measure, pliers, a cobbler’s hammer, pliers, a set of Allen wrenches and two screwdrivers with small and large handles, along with 20 different bits. Small home repairs are no longer a challenge, even for amateurs.

Patented layer structure

The box itself is constructed from several layers of plastic, ABS and aluminum alloy combined together. This makes it robust and capable of withstanding up to 15 kg of force.The set as a whole weighs 1.8 kg.


  • Hammer 225g
  • 3.5 m tape measure
  • pliers/combiners
  • 2 x screwdriver handle
  • Bits:
    TT20, TT15, TT10,
    T30,T20, T15, T10,
    T9, T8, T6,H6,
    H5, PH3, 6PH2, 5PH1,
    SL5, Sl3, PZ1, PZ2
Product: JIMI BOX X1-A
Model: X1-A
Size: 303×217×150mm
Weight: 1.8kg

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