Interactive Pet Toy Cheerble Wicked Egg (Apricot)


Interactive Pet Toy Cheerble Wicked Egg (Apricot)

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Cheerble Wicked Egg Interactive Pet Toy (Apricot).

Keep your pet entertained while you’re away! Wicked Egg is an automatic toy with an intelligent food dispenser. You can easily customize its performance with 3 difficulty modes. It also allows you to record short commands and praise. It is made of resistant and safe for your pet material. You will also easily keep it clean.

3 difficulty modes

Choose from 3 difficulty modes to match the action of the toy to your pet! Starter mode provides 10 minutes of fun, while each touch of the toy reduces the time by one minute. Once the time is up, your furry friend will receive a treat. When Starter becomes too easy, switch to the Advanced level – a 10-minute countdown, where each touch subtracts 20 seconds. Expert mode, on the other hand, makes each touch start a 10-second countdown before your pet receives a snack.

Smart solution

The specially designed toy not only gives your pet time to play, but also to rest. The device works for 10 minutes and then switches to sleep mode for another 30 minutes. Your pet can easily activate it again at any time – just one touch! What’s more, you can record a command to encourage play or praise.

Durable construction

The interactive toy is made of durable and damage-resistant material that is safe for pets. It also features a colorful LED light that further encourages your pet to play. You will also easily keep it clean, just wipe it with a cloth. You’ll charge the Wicked Egg with a USB cable – after about 50 minutes it will be ready for use again.


  • Wicked Egg interactive toy
  • USB cable
  • instruction manual
Manufacturer Cheerble
Model C0222
Color Apricot
Material TPU
Weight 320 g
Dimensions 83 x 99 mm
Battery Lithium-polymer
Battery capacity 300 mAh
Operating temperature 0~40°C
Charging time 50 minutes
Usage time up to 4 h

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