Inverter MMA Welding Machine Deko Tools DKMMA160P


Inverter MMA Welding Machine Deko Tools DKMMA160P

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Deko Tools Inverter MMA Welding Machine

Make your work comfortable and equip yourself with the Deko Tools DKMMA160P inverter MMA welder. The device allows you to weld stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum and other metal materials. It uses advanced IGBT inverter technology and stands out for its high energy efficiency, as well as being extremely handy and comfortable to use. The IP21S protection rating is also an advantage.

Powerful work and lightweight design

The Deko Tools DKMMA160P has an efficiency of 85% and a power factor of cosΦ 0.93, allowing you to weld stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, copper, copper alloys and other non-ferrous metals. Thanks to the IGBT technology, you can enjoy lower weight and compact design, which makes it easier to work with and also transport the device. The 220 – 240V power supply, 10~160 A welding current, and a 40% duty cycle for long welding times are also perks.


  • Inverter welder
  • Earthing clamp
  • Welding clamp
  • Welding hammer for slag removal
Manufacturer Deko Tools
Name Inverter MMA Welder Deko Tools DKMMA160P
Model DKMMA160P
Rated voltage AC1~220-240V~50/60Hz
Rated Input Capacity 5.8 KVA
Efficiency 85 %
Power factor cosΦ 0,93
No-load voltage 60 V
Current range 10~160 A
Duty cycle 40 %
Usable electrodes Φ1,6~4,0 mm
Insulation degree F
Protection degree IP21S

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