Joyroom JR-WQW02 Magnetic Charger for Samsung Galaxy Watch (Black)


Joyroom JR-WQW02 Magnetic Charger for Samsung Galaxy Watch (Black)

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Joyroom magnetic charger JR-WQW03 for Samsung Galaxy Watch (black)

The Joyroom charger with USB-C cable is the ideal solution for Samsung Galaxy smartwatch users, providing fast and secure charging. Made of fire-resistant PC material, it combines modern design with functionality, becoming an indispensable accessory both at home and on the go. Get to know it better!


Compatible and versatile

JR-WQW03 is compatible with any model of Samsung Galaxy smartwatch. The adjustable height allows the charger to fit any version of the watch, so it will do its job regardless of the model you own. What’s more, the charger supports Nightstand mode, allowing you to use your smartwatch as a standing clock or alarm clock while it charges.


Safety first

The charger provides a charging power of 3W. Its advanced safety features protect the smartwatch from short-circuit, overvoltage and overheating, ensuring that your watch is charged securely and safely.


Mobile and convenient to use

The Joyroom JR-WQW03 is distinguished by its portable design. You can easily use the base itself by connecting it to a powerbank, which is especially useful when traveling. Such a solution ensures independence from fixed power sources and allows you to charge your watch anywhere and anytime.



  • Charger
  • USB-C to USB-C cable
Manufacturer Joyroom
Model JR-WQW02
Material Fireproof PC
Input 5V=1A
Charging power 3W
Total output power 5W
Size 88.3 x 86 x 61.6 mm
Cable 1m(USB-C to USB-C)

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