LDNIO LC122-C 2m, 65W USB-C – USB-C Cable


LDNIO LC122-C 2m, 65W USB-C – USB-C Cable

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LDNIO LC122-C 2m USB-C/USB-C cable, 65W

Charge your devices with up to 65 watts of power with the LDNIO cable. The 2m LC122 features 2 USB-C connectors, making it widely compatible with popular devices. It allows fast charging of smartphones such as Samsung, Huawei, Vivo and more. It is made of sturdy materials, so it is resistant to damage and will serve you for a long time.


Manufacturer LDNIO
Model LC122-C
Power 65 W
Connectors USB-C/USB-C
Length 2 m
Color White

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