Lonizing styling brush ANLAN ALZFS07-EU0G


Lonizing styling brush ANLAN ALZFS07-EU0G

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Ionic styling brush ANLAN ALZFS07-EU0G

Do you dream of smooth and shiny hair? Then the Anlan styling brush will certainly appeal to you. With 3 temperature levels, you can adjust the brush to your needs and it also generates negative ions. It heats up quickly and turns off automatically after 30 minutes. What’s more, it’s light and compact so you can take it on vacation.

The power of negative ions

What is it that makes the Anlan brush achieve shiny hair? The device is equipped with 3 holes through which negative ions are emitted. As a result, the hair is moisturized and its cuticles are closed, which prevents split ends.

Heats up quickly

Another advantage of the Anlan brush is that it heats up quickly. The device has a high-performance MCH heating element, which translates to fast heating – about 30 seconds is enough. What’s more, the brush maintains its temperature, and thanks to its clever design, you don’t have to worry about getting burned.

Customize it to your needs

The ionizing brush offers 3 levels of temperature control, making it suitable for different hair types. The lowest level (140°C) is suitable for damaged hair and 180°C for thick hair. And the 220°C temperature will work well for thick hair.

Comfortable to use

Using the Anlan brush is no problem. The cable swivels 360° for greater freedom of movement. What’s more, the device turns off automatically after 30 minutes, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting about it. In addition, the device is lightweight – it weighs only 258 g, so you can take it on vacation.


  • ionizing brush
  • user manual
Model 701D
Power rating 25 W
Voltage 100-240 V
Dimensions 235 x 28 x 38 mm
Weight 258 g
Temperature 140-220°C

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