Magnetic Wireless Charger Mcdodo CH-8720 15W


Magnetic Wireless Charger Mcdodo CH-8720 15W

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Magnetic Wireless Charger by Mcdodo – 15W Power

Say goodbye to endlessly tangled cables and embrace the convenience of Mcdodo’s wireless charger! This wireless charger offers up to 15W of charging power. Strong magnets ensure essential stability, and its ultra-slim design makes it practically imperceptible during phone usage. A range of safety measures guarantees a high level of security.

15W Power Charging

Tired of waiting endlessly for your phone to be ready for action? With the Mcdodo charger, that problem becomes a thing of the past! This accessory allows for charging at a maximum power of 15W, enabling you to charge your smartphone up to 36% in just 30 minutes! The charger is also compatible with the QI wireless charging standard, making it suitable for use with various devices from popular brands!

Thoughtful Design

The charger features as many as 16 built-in magnets, ensuring unparalleled stability during charging. With a thickness of just 7.7mm, it won’t disrupt your phone usage. What’s more, you won’t need to remove your phone’s case to replenish its energy!

Prioritize Safety

Enjoy the convenience of the charger without worrying about your device’s safety. The Mcdodo charger comes equipped with a range of safeguards that provide reliable protection. The device is safeguarded against overloading, overvoltage, overheating, short circuits, electromagnetic fields, and overcharging. The accessory even intelligently detects foreign objects such as keys, coins, or credit cards.

Manufacturer Mcdodo
Model CH-8720
Charging Power 15 W / 10 W / 7.5 W / 5 W
Input Current 5V/2A, 9V/1.67A, 12V/1.5A
Weight 55 g
Dimensions Ø59 x 7.7 mm
Material Aluminium Alloy + TPE

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