Mini car compressor Baseus Energy Source (tarnish)


Mini car compressor Baseus Energy Source (tarnish)

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Baseus energy-saving power pump

A modern and intuitive gadget, the pump, the size of which is similar to a powerbank, is a great help when inflating tires. During this activity, it allows you to monitor the tire pressure so that you don’t over-inflate. The device has wireless charging capabilities, and thanks to its capacious battery, you don’t have to worry about running out of power. The pump is easy to use and safer than a traditional compressor.

Wide application

The product is compatible with a variety of items – it can inflate the wheels of cars, motorcycles, bicycles and even balls. To inflate a car tire, 4 minutes is enough. It is capable of inflating as many as 9 car tires between 0 and 2.5 bar. It takes less than a minute to fully inflate a basketball, the device can inflate as many as 54 balls of size number 5.

High quality

It has the same size as most powerbanks. You can easily store the pump anywhere in your car. It is made of solid, durable metal while maintaining a sleek look. The device is resistant to overheating, thanks to a solution that dissipates heat. All through the use of 274 holes in the housing on each side. The natural rubber that covers the cables is bendable and will not break. In addition, the design allows for a 20% reduction in noise, making the device much quieter than a standard pump.

LED display

The device has a smart sensor built into the airflow nozzle, which automatically regulates the pressure with which air is forced into tires, or balls.

Dual pressure setting mode

The standard mode has been set to measure tire pressure. If you don’t know what the standard tire pressure is, you can always inflate the tire additionally. You can easily increase or decrease the pressure to suit your needs. The device is not only handy and easy to use, it makes everyday life much easier even during the hardest route.

Function buttons

Beneath the LED display are function buttons that you can customize according to your needs. You don’t have to worry about constantly looking at the display – the device will automatically stop the air inflation process when the tire reaches the ideal pressure level. It also shows the battery status.

Cylinders made of metal

PTFE material is resistant to high temperatures, its workmanship allows you to fully stabilize the housing, even magnesium with low voltage work during high engine speed. Don’t be afraid of cylinder explosion when pumping pressure changes too much.

Noise reduction

The device’s copper motor coil reduces noise. The design has been perfectly applied to greatly reduce the mechanical sound caused by the resonance of the device’s shell.

Safe lighting

A built-in LED light ensures safe use of the product at night. In case of an accident, the light can send an SOS signal.

Additional accessories

The device comes with additional accessories such as a tube made of high-quality materials that prevent the tube from breaking, has a USB charging cable that can be connected to the car charger, and includes a built-in air nozzle that is specially designed to inflate the basketball.


Apply the appropriate nozzle. Press M to adjust the pressure of the device. Connect the wires and press the OK button to start pumping. When the device is finished, pull out the nozzle.

Manufacturer Baseus
Model Energy Source Inflator Pump
Product code CRCQB02-0A
Weight 610 g
Input voltage 5V/2.4A
Battery capacity 27.75 WH
Power 54W
Charging time 4 to 5 hours
Dimensions 78.2 x 140.2 x 42.6 mm
Pressure gauge range: 5~150PSI (display flashes when 150PSI is exceeded; exceeding 150PSI may damage the sensor)
Supported pressure Within 120PSI.

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