Monitor Light Bar Blitzwolf BW-CML2 Pro, RGB


Monitor Light Bar Blitzwolf BW-CML2 Pro, RGB

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Blitzwolf BW-CML2 Pro monitor light

Created with gamers in mind. The Blitzwolf monitor lamp will increase your comfort while working at the computer or playing your favorite games. It features an adjustable color temperature range of 2700-6500K, as well as a 5-step brightness adjustment. The special asymmetrical lens perfectly illuminates the entire desk and does not shine straight into your eyes. A convenient touch panel and remote control will make it easy for you to operate it.

Many possibilities

Create a real gaming atmosphere in your home. The lamp is equipped with 15 lighting modes, which will allow you to perfectly adjust it to your needs. Increase your level of immersion during exciting games!

Adjust the lighting to your needs

Take care of proper lighting during your daily activities. The Blitzwolf monitor lamp allows you to adjust the brightness of the light, as well as its color temperature in the range of 2700-6500K. Warm light will help you relax, for example, while watching your favorite TV series. Cold light, on the other hand, will be perfect for work or study. Mixed light you will use, among other things, when reading. Freely choose lighting for any situation!

Carefully thought-out design

The BW-CML2 Pro is distinguished by its extremely well-thought-out design. The light lens emits light at the right angle, so it does not reflect off the monitor screen and does not shine directly into your eyes. As a result, it effectively protects your eyes from fatigue, while providing you with even more comfort while working.

Convenient operation

The lamp is equipped with a convenient touch panel, which will make it easy for you to operate it. Using it, you can, among other things, turn the RGB light on/off, choose from available operating modes or adjust the color temperature. In addition, the set includes a practical remote control, with which you can operate the lamp without having to get up from the couch.


  • lamp
  • holder
  • wireless remote control
  • manual
  • USB cable
Brand Blitzwolf
Model BW-CML2 Pro
Dimensions 29 x 420 x 17mm
Color temperature 2700-6500K
Input DC 5V/2A
CRI >85
Brightness 400-1000 Lux
Working temperature from – 25°C to 40°C

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