Mouse pad Orico MPA3025


Mouse pad Orico MPA3025

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Orico MPA3025-BK mouse pad

Comfortably play games, work or create your next graphic design project. The Orico branded mouse pad is made from excellent quality materials, making it extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear. The non-slip underside ensures that it won’t slip on your desk. The large print is eye-catching and will not fade, even if you clean the product in water. The mouse pad provides an incredibly smooth and pleasant mouse experience.

Natural rubber

Natural rubber has been used in the production of the pad, which provides unparalleled comfort in use. Extremely soft and pleasant to the touch – it absorbs sweat and is resistant to high temperatures. It is also distinguished by high flexibility. With the Orico pad, you do not have to worry about unpleasant odors.

Extremely durable

The use of excellent quality materials is just one reason why this mouse pad is so durable. It also stands out for its incredibly solid, careful workmanship. Its edges have been precisely hemmed, which significantly reduces the risk of damage. This unique mouse pad will serve you well for many years!

Enjoy speed and precision

Do you play games a lot? Do you work with computer graphics? The Orico mouse pad will be an excellent choice for you! Thanks to the use of high quality materials you can enjoy more precise mouse positioning and faster, smoother mouse operation. Now even the most dynamic game will not be a challenge for you!

Thermal printing

The decoration of the mouse pad is an excellent quality print, which gives it a unique character. It was created with the use of thermal printing technology that ensures ideal image reproduction, which is incredibly clear. Thanks to the applied solutions, the product does not contain pectin and is environmentally friendly. The print is also extremely durable and resistant to abrasion.

Easy to maintain

Your mouse pad got dirty? Or maybe you spilled some coffee on it? No problem! You can easily clean it with water. Washing the product does not cause it to fade or the material to fall off. All this makes it easy to keep your coaster in perfect condition for a long time!


Are you tired of impractical pads that often slide on the surface of your desk? With Orico you can say goodbye to similar problems! The anti-slip backing not only provides the product with unparalleled stability, but also absorbs any shocks. You don’t have to worry about it slipping off your desk anymore!

Brand Orico
Model MPA3025-BK
Material Rubber + multispandex + memory foam
Dimensions 300x250x4mm

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