Pet Nail Grinder Pawbby


Pet Nail Grinder Pawbby

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Pawbby claw grinder

Find out that shortening your pet’s claws doesn’t have to be difficult at all! Just use the Pawbby brand grinder, which is safe and convenient to use. It also works extremely quietly – its volume level is only about 60dB. As a result, it will not frighten your pet! With its help, you can easily shorten your pet’s claws without cutting them and without risking damage to blood vessels.

Impressive performance

With Pawbby you will quickly and safely shorten your pet’s claws. The device is equipped with a sturdy and durable grinding stone that will allow for accurate and efficient abrasion. It is also extremely resistant to damage and wear. A powerful motor is also responsible for the reliable operation of the grinder. Now you can easily shorten your pet’s claws and give them a rounded shape!

Quiet operation

Don’t worry that the annoying noise will frighten your pet or make it squirm and prevent you from shortening its claws. The grinder is distinguished by its low noise level, which is only about 60dB. It also generates very little vibration – forget about strong shocks. This will make your pet comfortable! Before using the grinder, it is a good idea to gradually get your pet used to it.

Comfortable operation

Enjoy almost unlimited freedom of movement, which is often important when grooming pets. The grinder works wirelessly, so you won’t be limited by tangled cables. To charge it, use the USB cable. The device is also very simple and convenient to use. No more difficult and tiring claw trimming – with Pawbby you will shorten them without much effort!

Perfect for any pet

Pawbby grinder is perfect for both small and large pets. It is equipped with a special protective cap, which will not only protect pets from injury, but also allow you to adjust the used grinding stone surface to the specific situation. With the help of the device you will easily shorten the claws of a small dog or cat, as well as larger animals.

Brand Pawbby
Name Pet Electric Nail Grinder
Model MG-NG001A-EU
Color White
Rated power 5W
Input DC 5V 1A
Volume level Approx. 60dB
Material ABS
Dimensions 137 x 36 x 25mm

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