Phototherapy Hair Removal Light ANLAN ALTMY02-EU02


Phototherapy Hair Removal Light ANLAN ALTMY02-EU02

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Depilator Anlan ALTMY02 – EU02

Say goodbye to old hair removal methods! With Anlan you will get rid of them in just 8 weeks. Already after 5 weeks the hairs become visibly thinner, and after 8 weeks you will notice their loss and lack of new hair growth. EU02 is equipped with two safe sensors – temperature and skin. In addition, it has 5 levels of energy settings. Adjust the level to your body part.

Do away with traditional epilation methods

No longer do you have to spend a lot of money on visits to a beauty salon. Now you can quickly and painlessly get rid of hair without leaving home! It only takes 4 minutes to enjoy smooth legs in 8 weeks. It takes only 1 minute for lips or bikini area.

Enjoy smooth skin in 8 weeks

The device reaches a peak power of 5.3 J / cm2. After 1-4 weeks hair growth becomes gradual. On the other hand, in 5-8 weeks the hair starts to become thin and soft. After 8 weeks hair starts to fall out and no new hair appears. Note: When using the device for the first time, it is recommended to start with level 1 and gradually increase its power with use.

Equipped with two safety sensors

The temperature of the head constantly increases with the radiation, and the temperature sensor the unit is equipped with is designed to block the radiation until the main head cools down. To prevent erroneous radiation, it has a skin sensor that detects its adhesion. If the light indicators are not in full contact with the skin, they will not light up.

5 levels of energy settings

Adjust the energy level to your desired body part. If you are using the device for the first time, start with level 1 and increase it with use. The highest level gives the best results.

Convenience of use

Before using the device, remove all hair from the areas you want to irradiate. Be sure to wear glasses to avoid harmful radiation. Adjust the energy level to your needs, it is recommended to start with the lowest one. Hold the product vertically to the epilation area and then press the flash button. Afterwards, don’t forget to moisturize your skin.


  • Depilator
  • Adapter
  • Shaver
  • Glasses
  • User manual
  • Bag
Manufacturer Anlan
Model ALTMY02 – EU02
Wavelength 530-1150 nm
Energy level 1.3-5.3J/cm²
Optional energy level 5
Processing area cm²
Power supply 24V / 2A
Speed 1.4-3 seconds/pulse
Maximum light pulse 500000

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