Pore cleaner ANLAN 01-AHTY21-02A


Pore cleaner ANLAN 01-AHTY21-02A

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ANLAN pore cleaner 01-AHTY21-02A

Get rid of imperfections and enjoy smooth, beautiful skin. ANLAN’s pore cleaner provides deep cleansing, effectively eliminates blackheads, and helps treat acne. It allows you to choose from 3 levels of suction, so you can easily adjust it to your needs. You will also find 4 interchangeable tips in the kit.

Deep cleansing

Do you dream of beautiful, smooth leather? With the ANLAN product you will achieve the desired results! The device deeply cleanses the pores using underpressure. Thus, it effectively eliminates impurities in a way that is safe for the skin. Forget about blackheads, enlarged pores and acne!

3 suction levels to choose from

ANLAN’s pore cleaner is ideal for different skin types. It offers 3 levels of suction to choose from, so you can tailor it to your needs. Level 1 (46kPa) will work well for dry and sensitive skin. Level 2 (56kPa) will be suitable for normal skin. Level 3 (63kPa), on the other hand, will be suitable for oily skin.

4 tips included

You will find 4 vacuum cleaner tips in the set, which are perfect for different applications. The larger round tip provides high suction power. It will work well for oily skin and T-zone. The two smaller round tips will be suitable for normal skin and areas such as the cheeks. The oval tip will be suitable for areas such as the nose and mouth.


The device is extremely easy and convenient to use. It is equipped with a 10-minute timer and features a cordless design. This allows you to enjoy greater freedom of movement while grooming. The durable rechargeable battery ensures a long working time, and the included USB cable allows you to charge the vacuum without any problems.

Easy to use

Using the ANLAN blackhead vacuum is extremely simple. First, wash your face and use a hot towel or sauna to open your pores. Later, select the tip and suction level, and then carry out the treatment. When you’re done, wash your face again and use your favorite skin care products.

In the box

  • Pore cleanser
  • Interchangeable tips x4 (2x smaller round, 1x larger round, 1x oval)
  • Filter set
  • Charging cable
  • User manual
Name Facial Cleaner Device
Model 01-AHTY21-02A
Color White
Suction power 46kPa / 56kPa / 63kPa
Charging interface USB

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