Powerbank Baseus Bipow Pro 10000mAh, 2xUSB, USB-C, 22.5W (purple)


Powerbank Baseus Bipow Pro 10000mAh, 2xUSB, USB-C, 22.5W (purple)

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Baseus Bipow Pro 10,000 mAh, 2xUSB, USB-C, 22.5W powerbank (purple)

Get the ability to conveniently charge up to 3 devices simultaneously. The Baseus Bipow Pro powerbank is distinguished by its 10,000mAh capacity and is equipped with 3 ports – 2 USB output ports and a USB-C input/output port. Its output power reaches 22.5W. The product also supports fast charging. What’s more, the powerbank is extremely lightweight and handy. You can always have it at hand – even on a plane!

Fast charging

Enjoy fast charging of your devices. The powerbank’s USB-C port supports standards such as PD, QC and FCP, and the USB ports support SCP, QC, FCP and AFC. This allows you to charge smartphones or tablets from Xiaomi, Huawei, Apple and more in a short period of time. In addition, the product offers an output power of up to 18W (on USB-C port) or 22.5W (on USB ports).

High capacity

Forget about having to charge the powerbank after every use. The Bipow Pro model stands out for its large capacity of 10,000mAh. This means that with its help you can, for example, charge an iPhone 13 about 1.8 times, an iPhone 12 about 2 times, and a Huawei Mate 40 about 1.5 times. Charging the powerbank won’t take long either. With an input power of 18W, it only takes about 3-4 hours to be fully operational again.

Ability to charge 3 devices simultaneously

Need to charge your tablet, phone and wireless headphones? Or maybe both you and your friend need to plug in your smartphones for charging? With Baseus Bipow Pro this is no longer a problem – the powerbank offers up to 3 output ports, so you can charge up to 3 devices at the same time. No longer do you have to wait for one device to be ready before plugging in the next one!

Lightweight and handy

Despite its powerful capabilities, the powerbank is extremely light and compact. It weighs no more than an iPhone 13 Pro and is only 19.6mm thick. This makes it easy to take it with you on vacation, to college or on the train – it won’t take up much space in your purse or backpack. What’s more, the powerbank meets IATA standards, so you can also carry it with you on a plane. This is an ideal option for people who travel frequently!

Safety of use

The manufacturer also made sure that the powerbank can provide not only fast, but also safe charging. The device is equipped with smart NTC sensors, which are responsible for maintaining the temperature at the optimal level. The product also has an advanced protection system that protects it from overcharging, overvoltage and short circuit, among other things.

Improved design

The powerbank impresses not only with its functionality, but also with its sleek, modern design. Thanks to the electroplating process, it stands out with a stylish shine and is very pleasant to the touch. The device also has a small button for convenient operation. In addition, the built-in display allows you to quickly check the charge level of the powerbank – no more wondering when to plug it in!

In the box

  • Powerbank
  • Charging cable
Brand Baseus
Name Powerbank Baseus Bipow Pro 10000mAh, 2xUSB, USB-C, 22.5W
Model PPBD040005
Color Purple
Capacity 10,000mAh / 3.7V / 37Wh
Rated capacity 5800mAh (5V-3A)
Energy conversion factor ≥75%
Input 5V-3A;
Output 5V-3A;
USB1 / USB2 output 4.5V-5A;
Total output current 5V-3A;
Material PC + ABS
Weight Approx. 200g
Dimensions 132x62x19.6mm

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