Powerbank Baseus Bipow Pro 20000mAh, 2xUSB, USB-C, 22.5W (black)


Powerbank Baseus Bipow Pro 20000mAh, 2xUSB, USB-C, 22.5W (black)

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Powerbank Baseus Bipow Pro 20000 mAh, 2xUSB, USB-C, 22.5W (black).

Small, but powerful! The Powerbank Bipow Pro has a battery with an impressive 20000 mAh capacity and 22.5W of power. The device supports fast charging technology and you can connect as many as 3 devices to it simultaneously. The powerbank is compatible with Apple and Android devices.

Capacity of 20000 mAh

With a 20000 mAh capacity and 22.5W of power, you can charge your chosen devices multiple times with the Bipow Pro powerbank without worry! The 3 ports allow you to charge 3 selected devices simultaneously. One click of the corresponding button will allow you to check the remaining battery percentage.

Fast charging

The Baseus brand powerbank supports fast charging technology and is compatible with phones from Huawei, Xiaomi and Samsung, among others. The product is equipped with a digital monitor that shows the remaining battery level.


The device is lightweight and fits easily in the palm of your hand, making it easy to carry or possibly transport. Thanks to the fact that it meets international air transport standards, it can even accompany you on an airplane!

Aesthetic qualities

When designing the Bipow Pro powerbank, care was taken not only for functionality, but also for good looks! The device has a pleasant to the touch texture that delights. An additional advantage is the gloss. The powerbank looks very elegant thanks to its simplicity and visual details, such as electroplated edges.

Complete safety of use

The NTC temperature sensor constantly monitors and automatically adjusts the temperature value, which guarantees safe use. In addition, the Bipow Pro powerbank has protection against overload, electrical surge, electromagnetic waves and short circuit. EMC, CE and RoHS certifications prove that the product meets quality and safety standards.

What’s included:

  • Powerbank
  • Charging cable
Manufacturer Baseus
Name Powerbank Baseus Bipow Pro 20000mAh, 2xUSB, USB-C, 22.5W 
Color Black
Capacity 20000 mAh / 3.8 V / 76 Wh
Energy conversion factor ≥75%
Input 5 V – 3 A ; 9 V – 2 A
Output 5 V – 3 A ; 9 V – 2.22 A ; 12 V – 1.5 A
USB1 / USB2 output 5 V – 3 A ; 9 V – 2 A ; 12 V – 1.5 A
Total output current 5 V – 3 A
Material ABS + PC
Battery type Lithium-polymer
Weight approx. 340 g
Dimensions 126.7 x 75.4 x 32 mm

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