Powerbank Vipfan Ultra-Thin F04 10000mAh, 2x USB (black)


Powerbank Vipfan Ultra-Thin F04 10000mAh, 2x USB (black)

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Powerbank Vipfan Ultra-Thin F04 10000mAh, 2x USB (black)

Equip yourself with the Vipfan F04 powerbank to always be able to charge your devices. It offers a large capacity, so you’ll be able to replenish the energy of your chosen devices several times over. The Mirco USB and USB-C interface ensures versatility, and the thoughtful design makes the powerbank stand out visually.

Functionality first and foremost

The powerbank features a capacity of 10,000 mAh, so you will charge your selected devices multiple times. What’s more, the F04 model offers Micro USB and USB-C ports, guaranteeing wider hardware compatibility. You can top up the power of up to 2 devices at the same time without worry.

Thoughtful design

The powerbank is designed with functionality and unique style in mind. Its thin, minimalist design looks great, and the built-in LED indicator shows you the energy level in real time.

Manufacturer Vipfan
Model F04
Capacity 10 000 mAh
Micro USB input DC 5V/2A
USB-C input DC 5V/2A
Dual USB input DC 5V/2.1A
Color Black
Dimensions 135 x 68 x 16 mm

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