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Robot vacuum cleaner Viomi V2 Max

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Cleaning robot Viomi V2 Max

Make your life easier. The Viomi V2 Max cleaning robot will clean the floors in your home while you can take care of something enjoyable. The device allows you not only to vacuum, but also mop. It stands out for its suction power of 2400Pa, so it can handle dirt perfectly, and its working time reaches 180 minutes on a single charge. LIDAR navigation system makes the robot great at finding itself in rooms, creates precise maps and plans the optimal cleaning routes. A dedicated app makes it easy to use.

It cleans for you

Thanks to the special 2-in-1 container for dust and water, the robot can vacuum and wash floors at the same time. It is perfect for all kinds of surfaces – from laminate, through tiles, to carpets. The suction power of 2400Pa ensures that it quickly and effectively eliminates even the most stubborn dirt. An additional 550ml water tank is also available. Use it if you want the robot to take care of only thorough mopping of your floors. Thanks to its clever design, the V2 Max handles stains brilliantly without causing streaks.

LIDAR navigation system

The Viomi V2 Max robot will find itself perfectly at home. It is equipped with an advanced LIDAR system, thanks to which it accurately scans the rooms to save a map of the floor, which you can find in the app. It also plans optimal cleaning routes, which makes it not only thoroughly clean every corner, but also saves energy and reduces the time of vacuuming or mopping floors – it does not return several times to the same place. It also effectively detects and avoids obstacles.

Improved design

What else makes the Viomi V2 Max move around so freely but safely? The robot is only 9.45cm high, so it can fit under furniture such as a closet or sofa. It also easily overcomes obstacles with a height of up to 20mm – it is not afraid of thresholds or carpets. It is also equipped with advanced sensors to avoid falling down stairs. So you can use it on the upper floors without any worries.

Long battery life

The V2 Max is equipped with a durable 3200mAh battery. Thanks to this, its working time reaches 170 minutes on a single charge (in Quiet mode). This means that it will work perfectly in both a small and larger apartment. What’s more, when the device detects that the battery is about to run out, it will automatically return to the station, dock to replenish the energy, and then continue working from where it left off. Charging the robot takes about 4 hours.

Remote control

Install the free Mi Home app and get access to a lot of cool features. For example, you can remotely operate the robot with your smartphone and create virtual no-go zones. This is perfect if you don’t want the device to have access to a certain room or part of it. The app also allows you to plan detailed cleaning schedules. You can also control the robot with your voice. The V2 Max is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa assistants.

In the box

  • Viomi V2 Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner
  • Main brush guard
  • Main brush
  • Side brush x2
  • Cleaning brush
  • 2-in-1 dust compartment with water tank
  • 550ml water tank
  • Charging dock
  • Power adapter
  • Mop holder
  • Wet Mop
  • Moist Mop
Brand Viomi
Model V2 Max
Navigation system LDS LIDAR
Suction power (max.) 2400Pa
Battery capacity 3200mAh
Operating time (in Quiet mode) Up to 170 minutes
Charging time About 4h
Recommended cleaning surface (in Quiet mode) ≤181m2
Noise level (in Balanced mode) ≤69dB
Dust container capacity 300ml
Water tank capacity (2-in-1 tank) 200ml
Additional water tank capacity 550ml
Climbing ability Up to 2cm
Rated power 33W
Output voltage 14.5V
App Mi Home
Voice Assistant Compatibility Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa
Dimensions 350x350x94.5mm
Weight 3.6kg

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